Gozzard Yachts brightwork and carpentry are legendary. From the signature teak-and-holly soles to the custom-built cherrywood cabinets and joinery to the teak cap rails on the gunwales, the woodworkmanship on a Gozzard yacht garners universal praise and admiration. The judicious use of teak on the gunwales and doghouse are integral to the traditional look of a Gozzard yacht, as is the elegant use of teak in cockpit. Below decks, richly stained cherrywood cabinets and joinery have a satin-smooth finish that attracts the eye and begs to be touched.

Gozzard Yachts strives for the highest quality in our woodworking, joinery and cabinet making. Furnishings below decks are creatively designed for clean visual appeal as well as efficient and creative use of space. Form follows function in everything we design and build into a Gozzard yacht.

Our woodworking is perhaps the most visible evidence of our adherence to this approach to boatbuilding. From the selection and matching of wood pieces and hardware through the exacting fitting and construction of soles, columns, doors, tables, cabinets, drawers and trim, every detail is carefully and expertly considered and completed. Finally, the applications of glossy and durable finishing products bring out and enhance the beauty of the wood. Our goal: maximum visual impact, practicality and durability.

The Gozzard team is always on the lookout for the best available products and application methods when it comes to wood protection and finishes. In recent years Gozzard Yachts has switched from using Epiphanes and Cetol products to Awlwood® wood primers and coats. Produced by the makers of Awlgrip® boat paint and products, Awlwood primer provides superior woodgrain penetration and adhesion that withstands the elements and resists delamination at damage points. Awlwood primers and topcoats provide long-lasting color stability and a hard, resilient surface when done properly.

Even the most meticulously applied finish on wood is subject to wear and tear on a yacht–whether from weathering by Mother Nature, or the daily contact by crew and guests. Keeping the brightwork fresh and looking beautiful requires periodic maintenance. We happily impart our expertise to any client who wishes to keep the brightwork and joinery shipshape themselves.

2018 Finished wheel and new electronics
2018 New teak cockpit table after removing the mainsheet winch.