About Us

Our philosophy is simple

Design, engineer and build the best boats possible and do this specifically for the owner’s intended use.

This is exactly what the Gozzard Family has been doing for the past 30 years. As one of the industries few remaining family owned yards our biggest attribute is the fact that we remain very closely involved with each project we undertake for our Clients. Our executives still work with our craftsmen on the shop floor and are personally involved in every boat we build. There are now three generations of Gozzards currently creating the finest custom and semi-custom boats available on the market.

Our attention to detail is something that simply cannot be matched by Production Builders who cannot afford the time it takes to craft vessels such as ours. For us, building boats is not a job… it is a way of life and it is that dedication and commitment that sets us apart and above all others. Just ask any of our owners. Even though Gozzard Yachts is a complete custom shop, capable of building yachts of any style or size by any designer and in any material, building a semi-custom yacht can still be challenging. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to build many of our own designs and, through the accumulation of the best of those ideas, have produced a line of boats designed specifically for the needs the cruising couple. We do not compromise our boats by attempting to satisfy the main stream; instead we tailor our boat specifically to how it will be used.

As with all Gozzard Yachts, each is built to the highest standards of quality and is intended to take you wherever you might want to go. Our construction provides absolute peace of mind.

In short, our boats are renowned for their Distinction, Quality and exceptional Sailing Abilities. If you are looking for your last boat you should get aboard a Gozzard to see what North American craftsmen and a family of boat builders can do for you.