Distinctively classic lines and outward appearance

While Gozzard Yachts are often most recognized for their distinctively classic lines and outward appearance, we are actually best known for our interiors. Often described as unique, our interiors are designed by focusing on the needs of the end user – most often a cruising couple who may have occasional guests.

Gary Ferguson of Pilgrim Yachts may have put it best describing our interiors as follows…

“Believe it or not, the most unique Gozzard Touches are below with the ‘Open Plan’ interior. While many designers concentrate on trying to please the masses by making an interior sleep as many as possible, Ted focused on the owners. He realised these traditional interiors could fatal to a couple dreaming of the living and cruising aboard because it creates a cramped and uncomfortable boat. Living with four to eight people is a stretch even in a big home ashore. On a sailing yacht, it can challenge your enjoyment worse than bad weather.

Sharing with family and friends is important – occasionally. Designing the interior to be convertible when you have to accommodate guests, means the primary goal of the interior is to be as usable as possible the rest of the time when the owners are guest free. Making bulkheads that open and even opening the interior to the side of the hull in lieu of storage creates a sense of space that fights the claustrophobic feel of many other designs.”

While we are happy to take credit for our interiors, all we really did is listen to our owners and try and come up with solutions that solved as many of their needs as possible. It starts with simply things like companionway stairs instead of ladders, screens for every opening and ventilation that works even when it is raining. And most importantly, strive to create the maximum useable space while still making the interior feel as big as possible. Over the years our interiors evolved and indeed some of the earlier versions were the most open of all our plans. As we refined the concept and continued to listen, you have what you see today… an interior that actually works for how our owners use their boat the majority of the time they are on board.

This evolution went hand in hand with our boats becoming fully custom built. This meant that each new boat could be different; it meant that every locker door could fit the opening, instead of the opening being built to fit the door. It meant you no longer just fit an interior into the hull but rather we could start focusing on the ergonomics of how things fit and worked together.

Often people only see the extraordinary craftsmanship of our woodworking which is fair enough, but it is when you study our interiors and spend some time getting to know them (use it), you will come to appreciate the attention to detail where it really matters. How it feels.