Brokerage Services

Advantages to the Buyer

What does dealing with Gozzard Yacht Brokerage mean to the buyer? It means that you have direct first person access to the people who built your boat in the first place… for advice on how it is supposed to work, how it should be serviced, where to get the correct parts, how to upgrade it going forward and perhaps even more importantly – how to protect your investment. You get access to professional expert advice by the people who know these boats better than anyone – for the life of your ownership.

Any good brokerage office will service and advise you well on the purchase… but once they untie the dock lines and kick you loose – you are completely on your own. That is not the case with us, we continue to be there for you when you need us the most….when that charging system suddenly stops working or when the fuel system starts acting up. Our ability to troubleshoot technical problems with the client while on board the boat is unparalleled and has saved them thousands of dollars – just ask any of our owners. We will even work with your local technicians – allowing them to cut straight to the issue without having to spend hours trying to sort out what we already know. Any boat can have issues – even a Gozzard- and it is how these are handled that gives our clients the confidence and peace of mind that will maximize the enjoyment of ownership.

But perhaps more importantly, we can be of significant help even before you buy your boat. You will discover that we never over sell a boat. It is extremely important to us you understand what it is you are paying for… both the good and the not so much. A relationship with a Gozzard Yacht can last a very long time and it is very important it starts out correctly with full disclosure. No surprises down the road. You will find that we are brutally honest and you will discover why we will not list or recommend even some of our own fleet.

Give us a call and let us show you how we are different than all other brokerage offices. We are even happy to give you references, so you can find out what it is really like to purchase a pre-owned Gozzard using our brokerage service. If your broker will not support your purchase after the fact – you should find another broker who will. Contact us for more details.

Advantages to the Seller

What does dealing with Gozzard Yachts Brokerage mean to the Seller? It means you have maximum exposure at an international level with the full backing of the factory moving forward with the boat to the new owners. It is an aspect that no other brokerage office can offer and a worthwhile service that any new owner can appreciate.

You can imagine that anyone looking for a Gozzard Yacht or just learning about a Gozzard for the first time is going to visit our home page… and when they do they will discover our brokerage service. We have a built-in market that continues to grow over time. Our service gives a new customer the added comfort and the peace of mind of knowing they are dealing with experts with a long and hard earned reputation.

But understand we will not list just any boat for sale, even if it is a Gozzard Yacht. It must pass a certain standard. It must also represent a proper value for both the seller and the buyer… after all, I have to support the new buyer for years to come.

We also have an exclusive agreement with Wagner Stevens Yacht Brokers with offices in Annapolis and Ft. Lauderdale, to co-broker all used Gozzard we list. This increases our coverage and exposure by combining efforts with personnel centered in some of the most populated sailing areas on the east coast.

When the boat is in a distant or in an exotic location, we will co-work with “local to the boat” brokers for showings but we directly respond to all questions and details about the boat – no one knows them better than we do… from the initial contact right through to the survey. If you are looking for a good home for your Gozzard Yacht, we can help. Contact us for details and information on our extraordinary brokerage service.