November 1 2019

I was reminded recently that it has been a while since we have updated the website news section – sorry about that. For those of you who do not talk to us on a regular basis we are happy to report everyone here is doing well save one. Sadly Lance, our office corgi, passed away in late September but he did so in the comfort of family and a familiar place – right here at work. He is missed greatly.

By now some of you will have also noticed we are not attending Annapolis again this year… do not read anything into that other than we are smart enough to recognize when something isn’t working. Unfortunately that show really hasn’t done much for us recently except cost a lot of money. It’s hard to put a finger on the exact reason but changing demographic of the show goers play largely into the equation. The good new is the company is doing well and can happily report last year was one of the better years in terms of retained earnings.

So what have we been up to? Lots! This winter we have so many boats back for refit work that we can not even fit them all inside. Of note this year we are doing a fairly significant galley rework on G41#4 Gaviidae. This new design is a marriage of the original “A” and the “D” concept so it should prove interesting. We hope to record our progress in this section so stay tuned. The other really interesting job we tackled this fall was the removal and re-installation of a 1998 G44 keel. I will get into more details on the hows and whys later but it was an opportunity to see exactly how our keel installations are doing some 22 years into service. All I will say at this point is even we are surprised on how well this keel is still secured to the boat!

More shortly…